Collaborative Attorney/Client Relationships

Sarah works closely with clients to understand their corporate objectives and to develop legal strategies to achieve their goals.  She utilizes business judgment gained from in-house counsel positions and corporate development roles, as well as years of legal practice, to design practical solutions that help to establish, grow and sustain client businesses.  Sarah understands that the need to protect clients must be balanced with the clients’ need to close successful deals and generate revenue.  She strives to develop long-lasting strategic partnerships with her clients, and to work as a reliable, resourceful and integral team member.


Fee Structure

Cabot Law, PC provides experienced, efficient and high-quality legal services to its clients.  The firm understands that many companies, particularly those in their early stages, have concerns about their legal fees.  As a former in-house attorney, Sarah is particularly sensitive to these concerns and actively works with clients to control their legal costs.  Sarah’s fees are significantly lower than those of comparable lawyers at “downtown” firms, and Cabot Law, PC does not charge for office overhead items such as copies and printing.


Referral Relationships

Sarah maintains relationships with attorneys that are experts in areas such as tax, anti-trust, regulatory and corporate matters.  Should it be necessary to support a transaction, Sarah can work directly with these attorneys on the client’s behalf or she can provide referrals to the client.